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Attitude Development and Skills Enrichment

Ads-e-Park is one of the leading Training, Skill Development and Career Guidance Organization. Ads-e-Park inspires to create Self-employment and Entrepreneurship opportunities.

Ads-e-Park stands for Attitude Development and Skills Enrichment - "Our Attitude determines Our Altitude".

Ads-e-Park specialises into Research & Development of online and off-line Applications and Software Technologies for Corporate and Academics nearly a decade period.

Ads-e-Park has broken the traditional lecture-based, instructor centred trainings to a participant perspective facilitated learning experience. Our training methodology of knowledge sharing ensures participants' learning in entertaining environment. The usage of multi sensory learning format (Audio, Visual & Kinaesthetic) has been proven to dramatically accelerate learner acquisition of knowledge and skills.

When students/employees are encouraged to develop their inherent skills as an individual, they will quickly adapt to a place where they want to practice. This is the underlying principle of all our efforts as a training organisation.

We bring different dimensions customized trainings as per the corporate/academic needs irrespective of the domain they specialize. These programmes are researched & designed by our eminent trainers.

Ads-e-Park creates enthusiasm and sets the positive tone for a productive way. Participants gain an increased Focus, Accountability and Effectiveness by linking their Emotional Intelligence and Personality Enrichment.

Our Training Programmes:

  1. Corporate - Technical / Non Technical (Soft Skills & Management Skills)
  2. Academics - Placement Training / Technical / Non Technical
  3. NGOs - Soft Skills & Management Skills
  4. Parents - Behavioural Skills / Emotional Balancing
  5. Teens - Teen Problems & Mental Challenges
  6. Pre Marital - Mental Planning / Learning Psychology of both sexes
  7. Post Marital - Emotional Balancing / Post Marital Life Style and adjustment